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The vault, its seals and the effects of Nitrogen Narcosis have been periodically tested on animals to guarantee your pleasure when Club Nark opens.
Our first clubber is Frankie, here he is after tests in our Pressurised clubbing vault.
He's Narked!
Frankie suffered no ill effects from his experience.

And this is our second Narked clubber, Benny. We couldn't stop Benny from dancing.
He also felt no ill-effects after being narked.
He loves Dance music now, however.

Not strictly an animal, but we needed to test our new clubbing experience on Humans. Here is Joshua after spending 15 minutes in our vault. He is one Narked baby.

'Fur Ball', the club cat enjoyed being narked so much, she jumps at the chance to re-enter our pressurised vault

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