Thatcher hospitalised after feeling faint; now stable

December 8th 2005 - Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has been admitted to a London hospital after feeling faint and her condition is stable.
Thatcher, who turned 80 in October, began to feel faint on a visit to the hairdressers and was taken to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital by her bodyguards yesterday, BBC quoted Conservative party spokesperson as saying.
Lady Thatcher, better known as 'Iron Lady', is expected to return home later today and is being held in the hospital as a "precautionary" measure, spokesperson said.
"Her condition is stable and comfortable and she is now resting. The doctors will be assessing her in the morning," hospital spokesman Mark Purcell said.
Thatcher was brought to the accident and emergency department of the the hospital at 1700 GMT yesterday (2230 IST) and had undergone a number of tests, Purcell said.
Thatcher, who was the premier of Britain from 1979 to 1990, has suffered from frailer health in recent years but had held a lavish 80th birthday party attended by Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister Tony Blair.
She has also restricted the number of speaking engagements following some minor strokes in recent times and her public appearances have become increasingly rare.

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