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Simile Text Codes



If 244 as a 46873



What is


4444          as a 5483

379 as a 68670276824


747733 as a 6398


763559 as a 8873


3323 as 94483539


2253 as 56525


78337 as 3655


935569 as 2278


244 as 32960373624




By Simon Wells (Lost Cat)


This is a game that was taught to me and is really addictive and annoying. THIS GAME WAS TAUGHT TO ME IN 1998. It's complicated so bear with me. Full rules will be posted at - You are currently winning the game, because you don't yet know it. I am losing because I am thinking about the game. As soon as you think about the game you have lost, and must say out loud 'I have just lost'. You are winning until you think about the game. I was winning for 8 hours once until I saw a soccer match which made me think about 'The game', and so I lost. If other people remember the game and shout out 'I just lost', it'll probably make you lose too, which is annoying if you've lasted 3 hours! So next time you think about this game, shout out 'I just lost', and see how long it was you were winning for. This game is annoying so pass it on to your friends and get them playing too. (Damn, I just lost, again!)

our latest game is 'WHACK-A-MINER' Whack-a-miner