Flash games with Margaret Thatcher


Hit kids, gain points at OfstedInside.com Thatcher fights John Major at Maggie Fights john Major, Tekken style We've had a new game made by Funky Spider called 'The lady's not for Burning' after Thatcher's quote 'The Lady's not for turning'. How many times can you burn the old witch? Play it here -The Lady's not for Burning game or click the screenshot above.- Also don't forget from our friend Craig - WHACK-A-MINER GAME. PLAY NOW. CLICK HERE - whack-a-minerThis game is magnificant. It speaks for itself. You are on the right! You are a bobby! you are one of Thatcher's henchmen, and must whack those miners! We are very proud to be able to offer you fun games. You can also play Arthur Scargill in a boat on the Thames. The evil Milk snatcher is throwing bottles of milk and you must save them. Milk snatcher game Gremlins are being ironed out now with this one. Bookmark us as more Games are included. If you are a flash designer - Send us a game you've created and feature it here. Anything political will be considered. We're currently looking for a game/animation entitled "The lady's not for burning", after Thatcher's quote, "The lady's not for turning". What ingenious ways can you flash out to make her burn? Have a go and showcase it here. (email: maggiesdeaddotcom 'at' yahoo.co.uk) And remember to buy an exclusive 'Maggie's Dead' Tee shirt. Other tee shirts available at Topical Tees To use Milk snatcher game, Click on the mouse then use arrow keys to control Arthur in his boat. Whack-a-miner is self explanatory, and thanks again Craig.

save the milk
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