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Alcohol and drug-free clubbing is here. Natural Intoxication via Nitrogen Narcosis,
in a converted bank Vault is the location for this revolutionary new superclub.

Pressure in the vault creates the safe high known as being 'narked' by Divers.
In itself, being narked is not dangerous and creates symptoms of mild drunkedness.

Compressed air is breathed throughout.
Once the pressure is returned to normal, the intoxication wears off.
No hangovers! You can drive home. Stop pickling your liver.

Our first clubber is Frankie, here he is after tests in our Pressurised clubbing vault.
He's Narked!
Frankie suffered no ill effects from his experience.
And now you could be Narked too.

The club which is due to open in 18 Months is a 5 Million project to convert a
bank and vault into a new clubbing experience.
Location secret. Tickets to opening nights are strictly controlled.
Use the form below to request your ticket.
Get Narked! Finish your Narked experience with a 3 minutes at 5 metres safety stop.

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