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Download Maggie Thatcher's Death Anthem from any of the following digital distributors. let's get it to number 1 and have it played on the radio.

Download Maggie Thatcher's death anthem and The lady's not for Burning (Piss anthem) here -

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death anthem - Piss anthem
If you would prefer both tracks ('Death anthem' and 'The Lady's not for Burning (piss anthem)' on CD,
then pay 1.99 via paypal -

- and we'll post you both tracks on a CD.

Songs/music featuring Margaret Thatcher !
Bernstein (f.k.a. Dan Bern) – Children of the Cold War
Bérurier Noir – Et Hop
Billy Bragg – Thatcherites
Braintax – Decade on Panorama
Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine – Evil
Conflict – These Colours Don’t Run
Conflict – Neither Is This
Conflict – To Whom It May Concern
Corries – Who’ll Take The Ball from Maggie Thatcher?
Crass – Nineteen Eighty Bore
Crass – Sucks
David Diamond – Some Talk Of Ronald Reagan
Deborah Holland – Pinochet and Margaret Thatcher
Thomas Dolby – May The Cube Be With You
Doug Anthony All Stars – If You’re Happy 2
Doug Anthony All Stars – The Sun
Martin Carthy – Company Policy
Elvis Costello – Tramp The Dirt Down
Exploited – Don’t Pay The Poll Tax
Dick Gaughan – Ballad of ‘84 and others, indirectly
Godfathers – Birth, School, Work, Death
Hefner – The Day That Thatcher Dies
Human League – The World Before Last
Ewan MacColl – Daddy, What Did You Do In The Strike?
Ewan MacColl – The Media and others, indirectly.
The Maggie Thatcher Experience – Thatcher’s death anthem
The Maggie Thatcher Experience – The Lady’s not for Burning (Piss anthem)
Manic Street Preachers – If White America Told The Truth For One Day Its World Would Fall Apart
Morrissey – Margaret On The Guillotine
Aimee Mann – You’re With Stupid Now
Not Sensibles – I’m In Love With Margaret Thatcher
Pink Floyd – The Post War Dream
Pink Floyd – Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert
Pink Floyd – The Fletcher Memorial Home
Pink Floyd – Not Now John
Renaud – Madame Thatcher
Roger Waters – Four Minutes
Roger Waters – The Story
Roy Harper – Winds Of Change
Sinéad O’Connor – Black Boys On Mopeds
Space – No-One Understands
Spailpin – The Maggie Thatcher Song
Trust – Misere

Games featuring Thatcher;
Whack-a-miner (Ironic parody) from
The lady’s not for Burning from
Milk Snatcher game from

Art Poetry


Milk Snatcher
The lady's not for Burning
Hammer Ed Balls
Soccer Pong


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