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Buy the oversized professionally printed Origami Thatcher coffin Postcard below. Have your own state funeral now.

We are delighted to showcase art and poetry related to Maggie Thatcher and welcome your submissions to @maggie_thatcher on twitter. Our first submission is entitled 'In Britain, no one can hear you scream' by @scarletmonahan click on the image to visit her website.

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Our latest submission is from Johan Lundgren click on the image to visit his website.

We are proud to showcase the poetry of Gav Roberts from Sheffield

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And Isla, aged 4:

Mrs. Thatcher -- Sue Townsend (As Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4)

(Do you weep?) Mrs. Thatcher
 Do you weep, Mrs Thatcher, do you weep?
 Do you wake, Mrs Thatcher, in your sleep?
 Do you weep like a sad willow?
 On your Marks and Spencer's pillow?
 Are your tears molten steel?
 Do you weep?
 Do you wake with 'Three million' on your brain?
 Are you sorry that they'll never work again?
 When you're dressing in your blue, do you see the waiting queue?
 Do you weep, Mrs Thatcher, do you weep?
-- Sue Townsend

Download Maggie Thatcher's Death Anthem and The Lady's not for Burning (Piss anthem) from any of the following digital distributors. let's get it to number 1 and have it played on the radio.

Download 'Maggie Thatcher's death anthem' and 'The Lady's not for Burning' here -

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